Maladroitez’ Declassified School Survival Guide

You can almost feel a shift among students once the calendar turns to August. There’s a collective desperation that wafts through the places we frequent–aka the internet and anywhere with cheap food.

I haven’t really dwelled on it until now, but this month makes me feel intensely. Everything feels amplified because it reminds me that time is a real concept that no one can escape from, but that’s a topic best kept for 3 a.m. Plus, I went to Warped tour last Saturday which was a huge deal for me because I have wanted to attend since I was 11. It was insanely fun day of but now it’s making me hyper-aware of the fact that I am not an omniscient  being with great hair.

Maybe that’s why I feel so much during August, because there’s the pressure to reinvent and glow up. Every moment of “freedom” gets put into inventory and it’s depleting quicker and quicker and it feels like I’ve done less and less.

But on the other hand, as I wrote for my DNAMAG article this week, this time of year is a good time to refresh oneself sartorially and however else you might want to. So whatever side of the coin you’re currently on, here’s my 3 need-to-haves for the new school year.

Shop back to school essentials:

Everlane ‘The Modern Snap Backpack’ /$68

This backpack looks pretty basic, but I have one really similar and it’s lasted me longer than any other  bag I’ve used. There’s a temptation to use a cute tote or satchel for style purposes, but getting a backpack that goes with everything and doesn’t rip under pressure is an essential.

Modcloth ‘Cheer After Year 2017 Planner’ /$29.99

If you take one piece of advice from this, it’s to get a really solid planner. Especially in college, keeping up with due dates can be like jumping through hurdles. Getting a planner helps me, at least, space everything I need to get done out in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Topshop ‘Moto Colour Block Patchwork Jacket’ /$85

Vintage (or in this case, vintage looking) denim jackets aren’t just an essential for going back to school, they’re an all day week month year essential. I’m putting it on this list because my denim jacket has saved me on many an occasion when I roll out of bed and have no time to put something together. Plus, it’s all the comfort of sweatpants to class without letting the whole campus know that you’ve given up on everything.



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