Best of LFW SS17

Ideally I would have made a post like this for NYFW aswell, but last week was pretty wild for me so I don’t want to be too retrospective with my post. London is awesome anyway! It’s my favorite of all the fashion weeks and it looked amazing from behind my wall of notebooks and stray tax forms and textbooks! So here’s my two day late list of the best shows of London Fashion Week  ❤


Insanely breathtaking. The styling really kills me with this year’s Ashish presentation. My fave, by far.


Topshop Unique

I wasn’t majorly into a few of the looks this year, particularly anything in zebra print or that unicorn-barf fuchsia :/ This look does give me #accountant goals though, so I have to include it.


Marques Almeida

Anything shiny and fluffy gets my seal of approval, honestly. It actually reminded me that I still need to figure out a way to wear my silver bomber jacket without being obnoxious…if that even matters.


Christopher Kane

I feel very maternal towards Christopher Kane for some weird ass hell reason???? I just love everything he does like in the way a mom would. Like “Crocs…with stones glued onto them? *strained smile* I…love…it” except I really do love it. I guess I just really relate to how he embraces items that aren’t really seen as beautiful.


Paul Smith

Really nice, refined collection from Paul Smith as per usual. This particular look screams picking flowers/collecting mushrooms/befriending all the animals in a forest. Which is what I would be doing if I wasn’t such capitalist trash.


Molly Goddard

“Creepy, antique doll rave” is the vibe I got from  Molly Godard’s first catwalk and I loved every second of it. Every. Second.


Simone Rocha

No words. It’s just so pretty.


House of Holland

What’s not to love about Henry and his kaleidoscopic army of garments? He uses patterns in a way that others might be too afraid to, or at least in a way that I am too afraid to. his SS17 is no exception. Shop the FW16 collection here.


Ashley Williams

What the inside of my head looks like. And probably what a lot other youngster’s mind looks like too. It’s a bit goth, a bit 90’s teenager, a bit feminine, a bit masculine. It’s everything all at once and it’s a beaut :’)


All images via Vogue


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