What is Maladroitez?

It’s spilling your banana smoothie on the floor in a faux fur coat and sparkly boots. It’s going to the farmers market in a denim jumpsuit, silver cowboy boots à la Saint Laurent, and a paisley red handkerchief scarf. It’s exaggerated turtleneck knits with floor-skimming pinstripe trousers and really, really uncombed hair. When the least sexy pair of shoes you own is all of them, you are Maladroitez.

It’s not about impressing anyone or trying to be anything you aren’t. It’s rolling out of bed with 5 minutes to spare, grabbing the first things you can reach, and slinging them on. It’s about walking outside in a massive winter coat only for the sun to show up unannounced halfway through the day, but you won’t take it off because it would ruin your #aesthetic.

Maladroitez is far from the boring, the perfectionist, and the put together. Where is the fun in always looking like you know what you’re doing with your life?

I want to look like I’m perpetually figuring it all out. Sometimes that means wearing my fire truck red sweater backwards so I can experiment with neck height on the day I just so happen to have an impromptu class presentation. Or thinking wearing combat boots, a baby blue hand-me-down mohair sweater, school polo, and electric blue knitted leg warmers to school that one time was an awesome idea. Actually, that one was awesome.

At the end of the day, Maladroitez Zine  is really for anyone trying to figure it all out one terribly awkward step at a time.

-Alexa Wilson